[rrd-users] java script / rrdcgi / xslt

Sonja Pieper spieper at schlund.de
Tue Mar 11 10:15:54 MET 2003

thought I'd share a little since my project is now finished and I found 
out some nice things. For my little project here I embedded some java 
script routines to add dynamic to my rrdcgi page.

It works really nice and you do not need two script handlers. So all the 
forms to enter which rrd-graphs should actually be desplayed are handled 
by java script and at the same time rrdcgi handles the whole graphing 
issue. I included a sample file for those interested.

Another issue I had tons of trouble with was that the input that rrdcgi 
expects and of course allows is not "well-formed" xml, which is really 
bad if you want to integrate your stats into some project using xslts

The workaround took me some time to find so here it is: (most people 
will probably know this but maybe some will not)

<xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes">
         <![CDATA[<RRD::GRAPH ]]></xsl:text>

This makes an xslt transformator output  "<RRD::GRAPH"
and ignore that it is not wellformed XML. This is treated like "normal 

What is also nice is that I had no trouble with the java-script in the 
xsl-stylesheet. And btw: XSLT really helped generate those huge 

If noone is interested in this please ignore :-)


sonja.pieper at schlund.de, Tel: 91374-370

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to 
keep your mouth shut. --Ernest Hemingway

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