[rrd-users] ANNOUNCEMENT: Percival Network Monitoring System (RRDtool frontend)

Sasha Mikheev sasha at avalon-net.co.il
Tue Mar 11 11:29:33 MET 2003

We are proud to announce yet another RRDtool frontend. It is available
for download at http://percival.sourceforge.net
Percival is a Network Monitoring and Capacity Planning front-end to the
excellent RRDtool software. It is based on our exprience of providing
customized network monitoring solutions to the ISPs, banks and large
enterprises in Israel.

We found that existing commercial tools are too expensive and ill designed
for this task while existing RRD frontends lack essential features
such as user profiles, simple configuration model, customizable GUI,
performance, reports etc..

We started with stock Cricket and with time we essentially rewrote it
to address its shortcomings. We also had to add number of bug fixes
and improvements to the RRDtool. Percival is a subset of our Lancelot
Monitoring Framework that can be released under the GPL.

Percival Features:

- WEB User Interface
- Themable user interface
- Support of MIB2, Cisco, Linux and Windows
- Configuration is stored in hierarchical database
- Database supports on the fly editing, links and multiple users
- Reports: top utilized interfaces, errors, discards etc
- Totals: average, sum, many small graphs on one page
- Drill-down on all graphs
- Moving average smoothing
- Percentile 95%
- User profiles. Each user can see only his part of the configuration tree
- Each device polled only once even if it appears in multiple profiles
- Consistent CLI tools for the system configuration and maintanence
- Modified RRDtool is used for the data storage
- Designed to hold around 500 interfaces with 120 sec polling frequency
- OS: Linux, Solaris(must built from source)

About us

Avalon Net is a privately held company located in Israel. Our areas
of expertise are Networking, UNIX/Linux administration and software
development. You can contact us at support at avalon-net.co.il

 Sasha Mikheev      

 Avalon Net Ltd, CTO
 +972-50-481787, +972-4-8210307

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