[rrd-users] Re: The script is here, to view actual data transfer in your RRD graphs

Colin Percival colin.percival at wadham.ox.ac.uk
Fri Mar 14 05:54:22 MET 2003

   I have just been pointed at the archives here, where I see that 
imran at eservers.biz has been trying to sell my code (the code, in addition 
to mrtg/rrdtool/14all, responsible for graphs like this: 
http://traffic.datacolo.com/switch1/14all.cgi?log=datacolo-sw1).  He has no 
right to sell my code.  I wrote the code, I own the copyright, and I sold 
him *a copy*.
   If anyone paid imran at eservers.biz anything, please try to get your money 
back from him.

   (A note to the open source fanatics: I do quite a bit of open source 
work; on this occasion I decided that I wanted to earn some money -- and 
the usual price of $25 isn't exactly much to ask a large company to 
pay.  Eventually, I'll probably release the code for free; but not yet.)

Colin Percival

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