[rrd-users] Re: The script is here, to view actual data transfer in your RRD graphs

Colin Percival colin.percival at wadham.ox.ac.uk
Fri Mar 14 06:30:56 MET 2003

At 00:20 14/03/2003 -0500, Adam Denenberg wrote:
>  I don't think it is such a huge deal.

   Even if my code is worthless, the fact that someone was trying to sell 
it and claim it was his own is a big deal -- at least to me.

>  just curious what your script does for $25, and if it handles knowing the
>start times of each month to calculate running totals for the month for
>people who say, pay a monthly bill at an ISP based on data transfer and need
>numbers based on the first day of the month at midnite.

   My code displays the total bandwidth used since the beginning of the 
month; the predicted bandwidth for the month (assuming the current monthly 
trend continues); the previous month's total bandwidth; the Xth percentile 
level based on the past N days, where N is the number of days in the 
current month and X is an integer between 1 and 99 (usually 95, of course); 
and the Xth percentile level of the previous month.  In other words, it 
provides the data which companies use to calculate their bandwidth bills, 
and estimates of what those numbers will end up being for the current 
month.  There are also HRULEs at the mean/percentile/max in/out values.
   Whether this is worth $25... to be honest, I wouldn't pay for it -- but 
then I'm not running a web hosting company.

Colin Percival

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