[rrd-users] [OT] Using ping with a set ToS value

Edson Manners emanners at realprod.acns.fsu.edu
Wed Mar 26 23:38:21 MET 2003

I currently nee to use ping with certain QoS values. We currently use dscp 
values that are multiples of 8. eg. (0,8,16,24,32,40,48,56)

The sprint man page though has a slightly different convention for nameing 
these values and I cannot tell if there is some equivalent in there for sure. 
Can someone please point me to where I can get more info or explain to m ehow 
I can get to ping these different dscp values?


P.S. This was copied from the ping man page.
-Q tos  Set Quality of Service -related bits in ICMP datagrams.  tos can
             be either decimal or hex number.  Traditionally (RFC1349), these
             have been interpreted as: 0 for reserved (currently being rede­
             fined as congestion control), 1-4 for Type of Service and 5-7 for
             Precendence.  Possible settings for Type of Service are: minimal
             cost: 0x02, reliability: 0x04, throughput: 0x08, low delay: 0x10.
             Multiple TOS bits should not be set simultaneously.  Possible
             settings for special Precedence range from priority (0x20) to net
             control (0xe0).  You must be root (CAP_NET_ADMIN capability) to
             use Critical or higher precendence value.  You cannot set bit
             0x01 (reserved) unless ECN has been enabled in the kernel.  In
             RFC2474, these fields has been redefined as 8-bit Differentiated
             Services (DS), consisting of: bits 0-1 of separate data (ECN will
             be used, here), and bits 2-7 of Differentiated Services Codepoint

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