[rrd-users] Can I export RRDTOOL values?

Jose Orlando Muñoz Bravo (HP) jmunoz at comcel.com.co
Wed May 7 21:43:08 MEST 2003

Hi all,

I'm working in a graph reports using RRDCGI, all work fine, however I want to export the a RRDTOOL values from RRA in order to print over a HTML page.

            --imginfo '<IMG SRC=<RRD::CV RRD_MEM>.png>'
            -s 'end-<RRD::CV Period>' -a PNG
            -u <RRD::CV Memt> -l 0 -w 500 -h 160
            -v "K Pages" -t "Memory Usage <RRD::CV Server>"
            DEF:mem1=<RRD::CV RRD_MEM>.rrd:ds0:AVERAGE
            DEF:memmax=<RRD::CV RRD_MEM>.rrd:memoria:MAX
            CDEF:bad=mem,<RRD::CV Mem80>,GT,mem,0,IF
            CDEF:ok=mem,<RRD::CV Mem80>,GT,0,mem,IF
            CDEF:cri=mem,<RRD::CV Mem90>,GT,mem,0,IF
I would like to analyze the "mem1"  value, and I need to put this value in a variable and make some operations with it, but outside from the graph, in the html document.

I appreciate any idea.

Thanks in advanced

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