[rrd-users] Re: Partial data = no graph

Todd A. Green slartibartfast at awardsforfjords.com
Sun May 25 04:36:22 MEST 2003

On Sat, 2003-05-24 at 03:32, Serge Maandag wrote:
> Every time source one has a value, source two is nan.
> Every time source two has a value, source one is nan.
> nan + value = nan.
> Therefore you have to set the nan values to 0.
> CDEF:out0_bits=out0,UN,0,out0,IF,8,*
> CDEF:out1_bits=out1,UN,0,out1,IF,8,*
Thanks for the help

> CDEF:out_bits=out0,out1,+,8,*
Last one would look like


> For a 95th percentile value you would have to alter the script posted here a while back
> so that it would add both datasources. 95th percentile calculation may be added to the 
> new rrdtool though, I'm not sure..
Don't need it, that's what my package does.  However percentile calcs
internal to RRDTool would be nice.  I read that it has been considered.

Todd A. Green <slartibartfast at awardsforfjords.com>

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