[rrd-users] Re: remstats : pb with rrds

Thomas Erskine thomas.erskine at sympatico.ca
Wed May 28 17:47:50 MEST 2003

At 08:17 2003-05-28, David IMANACHE wrote:
 >when i run the snmp-collector , i get this message :
 >/DEBUG: doing rrd snmp-squid-dns(snmp-squid-dns)
 >DEBUG: added oid cacheDnsSvcTime(1) to query

Hmm.  I don't think that it likes the parentheses in the name, try renaming 
the oid without the parens.  The configuration loading for oids is sloppy 
and doesn't catch bad names.  Let me know if that's it.

 >DEBUG: added oid cacheDnsSvcTime(5) to query
 >DEBUG: added oid cacheDnsSvcTime(60) to query
 >DEBUG: added oid cacheDnsRequests to query
 >DEBUG: added oid cacheDnsReplies to query
 >DEBUG: sending query for: cacheDnsSvcTime(1) cacheDnsSvcTime(5)
 >cacheDnsSvcTime(60) cacheDnsRequests cacheDnsReplies
 >DEBUG: for result 0: oid=,
 >DEBUG: for result 1: oid=,
 >DEBUG: for result 2: oid=,
 >DEBUG: no value for proxy.univ-mlv.fr
 >; skipped
 >DEBUG: for result 3: oid=, name=cacheDnsRequests
 >DEBUG: no value for proxy.univ-mlv.fr
 >; skipped
 >DEBUG: for result 4: oid=, name=cacheDnsReplies
 >DEBUG: no value for proxy.univ-mlv.fr
 >; skipped
 >i really don't understand why he doesn't want to collect values, i tried
 >with the snmpget command and it works very good...i'm lost.../

Thomas Erskine <thomas.erskine at sympatico.ca> +1.613.591.8490 

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