[rrd-users] rrdtool - using the rrd for more than graphs - calculating averages for prime shift

dmahler at telcordia.com dmahler at telcordia.com
Thu May 29 16:13:52 MEST 2003

I really thought I read this in a past posting or MAN page, but now I
cannot find it:

I am trying to use my rrd files to create some new metrics.   not graphs,
but rather server busy "scores" over time.     the idea is to create sorted
list, by server grouping, of how busy the servers are.   during prime

I am already collecting cpu statistics into individual rrd files.   I could
of course create a view over time of the cpu usage by going an rrd graph.
this is in place.

But... my thought is to ask rrd: "provide the cpu min, max, average for
prime shift/weekdays,  for 3 months.  "
provide all the values into stdout and let me manipulate it in stdin.

I know I could use rrd dump for this, but I thought it would be good to use
the power of rrdgraph to do the calculations, w/o the graph of source.    I
would grab the avg/min/max from stdout and then do further math on that.


- is this doable?   have others used  rrd data in a non-graphical way?
- can one use rrdgraph to get the numbers, w/o generating the graph itself?
- can you issue one rrd call to get the prime shift numbers only, or (more
likely) do I have to do this in a loop for each day?
= are my mathematic thoughts faulty (averages of averages)?

thanks for any help

Don M

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