[rrd-users] rrd-users - Using librrd in C programs

Pitisi dpitisi at lfdj.com
Fri Nov 7 16:30:42 MET 2003

I write a C program and try to use RRD commands in it, but I can't find
any documentation about librrd API.
Can somebody tell me where I can find such a documentation, or describe
the syntax of the update command. I tried the following:
int ret;
char *cmd_update[5];

cmd_update[0] = "update";
cmd_update[1] = "fic.rrd";
cmd_update[2] = "--template";
cmd_update[3] = "DSName";
cmd_update[4] = "1067264490:1280";

ret = rrd_update(5,cmd_update);
if (ret  < 0)

rrd_update returns -1, and rrd_get_error returns "Not enough arguments"

Can somebody tell me what's the missing argument? The same command from
UNIX shell works correctly:
$ rrdtool update fic.rrd --template DSName 1067264490:1280

Thank you for your help

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