[rrd-users] only average over 5 minutes?

Greg MacLellan greg at mwater.ca
Tue Nov 18 22:47:45 MET 2003

I have some graphs set up, using a step of 60 seconds.

The input comes from a value that's being sent to a pump, which is 
cycling on and off fairly quickly. In these graphs, it's cycling on to 
500, then off to 0, on about 6-10 minute intervals. around 12:50, the on 
value is changed to 400, then 150.

Anyways, when the data is being shown using AVERAGE on a 1-day scale (no 
--step option), it seems to be averaging it over 5 minutes (and 
producing some very strange looking graphs), while with LAST it shows 
things properly.

The graphs are posted at: http://www.mwater.ca/rrdtool

6hr* and day* are the last 6 hours and the last day, respectively. I 
included the 6hr so you can see with more detail what exactly it's doing 
  (in the 1 day, it's a bit compressed).

The same behaviour seems to happen with MIN/MAX, as you can see in 
pressure.gif. That is a graph of LAST, with MIN and MAX for the last 6 
hours. You can see fairly detailed data for the blue (LAST) line, where 
as the MIN and MAX lines seem to be only showing 5 minutes of data.

I don't recall this behaviour ever happening with a step of 300 
(averaging out over a longer period than 300). These graphs were 
generated with rrdtool 1.0.42. I don't see anything in the changelog 
that mentions any fixes related to this problem, however.

ttyl, greg

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