[rrd-users] Re: Local time zone

Robert Heber rheber at nawias.pl
Fri Nov 21 11:52:03 MET 2003


thank you for a hint, I think that this trace is good but
for now I can't make it work - I tried GMT or CET time zone,
and result is the same (my data is one hour late).
I found this page:


If you are manipulating the TZ variable you should also call the posixs 
function tzset to initialize all internal state of the library for 
properly operating in the timezone of your choice.

  use POSIX qw(tzset);
  $ENV{TZ} = 'CET';

and used this code - the problem is that my rrdfiles are feeded from
flowscan perl script, and I don't know if I implemented this TZ code
in right way inside its modules (CampusIO.pm). This is a big problem
for me, and any help will be appreciated.

Best regards,

Użytkownik Chitman Kaur napisał:
> Put this line in the beginning of your perl file which creats the graph....
> $ENV{'TZ'} = "GMT";
> Hope this works......
> Chitman
 > Robert Heber <rheber at nawias.pl> wrote:
 > Hello,
 > I'm looking for information about possibility
 > of changing time values in rrd files while
 > drawing graphs. I want to change x axis values
 > below graph to adjust my data to correct time
 > zone. Now I've one hour gap at the end of graph
 > between now - 1 hour and now.
 > Could anybody here help me ?
 > Regards,
 > Robert

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