[rrd-users] Re: Local time zone

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at ergens.op.het.net
Sat Nov 22 23:19:27 MET 2003

On Sat, Nov 22, 2003 at 07:01:45PM +0100, Robert Heber wrote:

> this is exactly right:
> local time:   Sat Nov 22 18:00:00 2003
> UTC time:     Sat Nov 22 17:00:00 2003
> but in fact I have a problem to correct the look of my graphs,
> because they present data from some point in past to the "now".
> This "now" is at the right edge of graph, and last presented
> data is exactly one hour step aside to the left.

So this means according to the database, "now" is one hour
ahead of the last update.  Verify this using " rrdtool info "
and " perl -e 'print time' "

Perhaps the updating process doesn't work as desired.  If you
(meaning: your front end) delivers the current time as UTC time
and RRDtool "thinks" it is local time, the translation will occur

Now:  23:08
minus one hour to change from MET to UTC:  22:08
RRDtool hears 22:08
minus one hour to change from MET to UTC:  21:08

Resulting time stamp for RRDtool: 21:08.

Similar results can happen if RRDtool "thinks" it is still summer
time (due to a wrong timezone setting):

Now:  23:08
RRDtool hears 23:08
minus two hours to change from METDST to UTC: 21:08

At graph time, the correct timezone is used and when you specify
"--end 23:08 --start end-12h", RRDtool will translate this into
"from 10:08 UTC to 22:08 UTC". Since the last update occured at
21:08 UTC, the last hour is unknown.

Search for differences in your environment when a job is started
from cron vs. an interactive prompt.  I bet you'll find a difference.

> GMT-2 is Oscar Time Zone... I'm in the CET which is GMT+1,
> and this does not make any sense.... ;)

Whatever.  I'm used to "MET" and "METDST".  Fill in CET and CEST
if you like.

Just a guess:  in stead of using the proper time zone, you're using
"GMT-2" somewhere, probably in the cron environment.


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