[rrd-users] Re: Newbie: "step" confusion, blank plots

Serge Maandag serge.maandag at staff.zeelandnet.nl
Fri Oct 3 13:31:05 MEST 2003

Because you defined this RRA:

Which will only hold the last 18 samples. It was adequate for the
example you gave earlier on, but if you want to graph a full week, you
must think more in the lines of:

1 week = 7 days = 7*24 hours = 7*24*3600 secs = 311040000 secs.
Sample time = 900 secs

No of rows to keep = 311040000/900 = 345600 rows
That would make:

That are a lot of rows. Only useful if you are generating graphs 345600
pixels wide.
I would consolidate more than 1 primary point into a consolidated point

Say your graph will be 600 pixels wide. Then 600 rows will be enough.
So take the average of 345600/600 = 576 primary datapoints per row:


Thanks very much for your reply.  I'm still having problems with the
graph.  I put the exact commands I typed in, the data file, and the
image here:


Why is the data squiggle so small, especially since I explicitly
(correctly?) set the start and end times?

Thanks again for your help,


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