[rrd-users] Re: suspicious interpolation

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at ergens.op.het.net
Sun Oct 12 13:50:40 MEST 2003

On Sun, Oct 12, 2003 at 12:29:57PM +0200, Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:

> There definitively seems to be a problem somewhere around calculating or using pdp_prep.

By the way, I just noticed the latest CVS snapshot does The Right Thing
for a counter but _not_ for a gauge.

using my script from the previous message:


1000000010: 1.0000000000e+01
1000000020: 1.0000000000e+00
1000000030: 1.0000000000e+00
1000000040: 1.0000000000e+00
1000000050: 1.0000000000e+00
1000000060: 1.0000000000e+00
1000000070: 1.0000000000e+00
1000000080: 1.0000000000e+00
1000000090: 1.0000000000e+00
1000000100: 1.0000000000e+00


1000000010: 1.0000000000e+01
1000000020: 9.0000000000e+00
1000000030: 0.0000000000e+00
1000000040: 0.0000000000e+00
1000000050: 0.0000000000e+00
1000000060: 0.0000000000e+00
1000000070: 0.0000000000e+00
1000000080: 0.0000000000e+00
1000000090: 0.0000000000e+00
1000000100: 0.0000000000e+00

There should (IMHO) be no difference between an external source
calculating the rate and RRDtool itself calculating the rate.

After all, COUNTER is just computing delta(val)/delta(time) to
internally produce the same rate as a GAUGE entered by the front end.
Or does it?

And now for something completely different:

--- rrdtool.pod.orig	Fri Apr 25 20:35:08 2003
+++ rrdtool.pod	Sun Oct 12 13:47:29 2003
@@ -272,7 +272,7 @@
 Attention: the tcp port 13900 isn't official registered for rrdsrv. You
 can use any unused port in your services, but the server an the client
-system must use the same port of curse.
+system must use the same port of course.
 After this you can add the rrdtool as meta-server to I</etc/inetd.conf>
 for example:


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