[rrd-users] Re: Moving Average

jeff at unixisgod.com jeff at unixisgod.com
Wed Oct 29 00:52:54 MET 2003

Ok, after about a few hours worth of tinkering I've managed to get this
down to just one CDEF:


This works pretty well, the biggest reason I wanted it was for use with
RRGrapher, which it works beautifully with.

Change the DS to any vname you have already created, then play around with
the weight.

The weight should be between 1.0 and 0.0. Using a weight of 1.0, the new
value will have NO IMPACT on the line, if you use a weight of 0.0 the new
value will define the new point on the graph. There's a full spectrum
inbetween 0.0 and 1.0, personally I like .93

> Ok, I've managed to get this working. It's just a pain to do so,
> Unfortunately I don't know C or RRDTOOLs C guts well enough to make an
> easy interface to do this. If anyone has already added the functionality
> to the code already, could they post up a patch file? Maybe send it on to
> be added? :)
>>> Is there any easy way to make a moving average with CDEFs?
>> look at this thread:
>> http://www.ee.ethz.ch/~slist/rrd-users/msg02023.html
>> HTH,
>> 	Michael

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