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Wed Sep 3 01:40:10 MEST 2003

It was foretold that on Tue, 02 Sep 2003 21:29:57 +0000, yaka patiya 
<yakpatiya at hotmail.com> would mumble:

> I am sure there is someone out there who knows about this. I am trying to
> graph some information about the CPU usage and disk info of a Solaris box
> running unix. Anyway, to cut the long story short, I have got the mibs
> working and I have come values for the stuff that I need to graph:
> rsUserProcessTime: 168123
> rsNiceModeTime: 175349
> rsSystemProcessTime: 449128
> rsIdleModeTime: 796673619
> What do these values mean ? If it going to be a percentage how can I 
> graph
> that? Any help would be appreciated.
> regards,
> Thilanka

If i'm not mistaken, these values represent jiffies (1/100th seconds):

rsUserProcessTime: time spent in user mode
rsNiceModeTime: time spent in nice mode
rsSystemProcessTime: time spent in system (kernel) mode
rsIdleModeTime: time spent in idle state

So if you add all the values, it should result in your machines uptime in 
1/100th seconds.

You will be mainly interested in the sum of User, Nice and System time.
It should be okay if you enter these using a COUNTER DST.
rrdtool will then calculate the difference between two steps and divide 
the result by the time-difference, which will then actually yield 


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