[rrd-users] Re: inserting older data in rrd after new ones written

Stephan Harren sh at abovenet.de
Thu Apr 1 14:09:56 MEST 2004

Hi All,

Due to the fact, that these are round robin databases, which are fed by 
values that are calculated while inserting, I don't see an easy way to 
do this.

What I do is, before inserting data into rrd, insert the data into a 
common database, so if I need to do something like this, I can 
regenerate the whole rrd from this database including the former missing 
values (might be nothing for everyday use).

If there are any other possibilities, I'd really be interested in.



>afaik know rrd, I think its not possible to insert older data (with the 
>update command) in the rrd database after newer data is already written to 
>Its somewhat hard to explain, so e.g.:
>I wrote 11:30 in the rrd database, and than my application collects some 
>other data which is from 10:30. When I then try to update the rrd database I 
>get "illegal attempt to update using time ...." and so on. 
>Any ideas or workarounds?? 
>cheers Johannes.

Stephan Harren
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AboveNet Deutschland GmbH
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