[rrd-users] Units in fetch for DST type COUNTER

Nid mk_spam at comcast.net
Wed Apr 7 23:41:44 MEST 2004

Okay....I'm using rrd to graph several things.  It's all working great and the graphs are just right.  But I'm having problems fetching the data and getting the correct results.  If I do a fetch on an rrd with DST defs of type GAUGE the results are correct.  But if I do the same fetch on an rrd with DST defs of type COUNTER the results are incorrect.  They are incorrect in that the numbers returned are decimal numbers that correspond to the units displayed on a rrd graph.  For example...lets use 4 data points shown on an rrd graph:

The result of a graph has a y-axis that shows "tick-marks" in "k" units.  Like....1k...2k...3k...4k...etc.

When I do a fetch the values show up as:


But I don't have any way of knowing that the units are k...ie...1000 times the listed values.  This only happens when the DST is of type COUNTER.

How can I either

(a) have fetch give me the actual values such as 3649, 2336...etc.
(b) some how get the units that the fetch result values are in.

Option (a) would be much preferred as option (b) would be approximations of the real values....ie...I'd get 3600 instead of 3649.....2300 instead of 2336...etc.

In the big picture...what I'm trying to do...is use the rrd as a source for data in a program to do some calculations.  The program works fine for reading in the results of the fetch....but the above problem is not allowing me to do any calculations from rrd files where the DST is of type COUNTER since I don't know the units associated with the resulting data.

Thanks for any help.


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