[rrd-users] Re: Graph with Red Highlights

mrugan mrugan at softhome.net
Fri Apr 16 07:20:56 MEST 2004

Hello Rob,

SR> Has anyone generated a graph like this?
SR> http://news.netcraft.com/archives/2003/08/30/further_ddos_attack_on_rackspac
SR> e.html
SR> It shows where the failures are, and extends over the bottom of the grid on
SR> the graph. This would be nice see, for example with a graph with network
SR> loss(100%) on the same graph as network delay.
SR> Is there any way to do this with rrdtool?

Yes it is,

Courtesy of Brandon Gant:
[whom i asked in the first place how he thinked at his CDEF's]

1. calculate ping times
[if u are not able to do this please let me know so i can fill in the
code also]
i did it using ping tool with Perl (he did it also like this ) but with different code flows
the basic is that u regex the output of ping tool whenever u are on a
win32 machine (Brandon did it) / nix* machine (i did it)

2. fill in the rrd:
his choice/my choice:

*RTT=round trip time
*PL=packet loss

3. generate graph (this is the tricky cdef part)
i'll insert only the valuable part of the code

$_[0]=argv input for the function (rrd_ping_hostname)

"COMMENT:Packet Loss Percentage      ",
"AREA:roundtrip#00ff00:Round Trip Time (miliseconds) \\:\\: $_[0]\\n",
"STACK:NoPL#4444ff:  0-10%",
"GPRINT:roundtrip:LAST:                   Cur\\:%3.3lf",
"COMMENT:                \\n",
"STACK:25PL#FFFF00: 10-25%",
"GPRINT:roundtrip:AVERAGE:                   Avg\\:%3.3lf",
"COMMENT:                \\n",
"STACK:50PL#FFCC66: 25-50%",
"GPRINT:roundtrip:MAX:                   Max\\:%3.3lf",
"COMMENT:                \\n",  
"STACK:75PL#FF9900: 50-75% ",
"GPRINT:roundtrip:MIN:                  Min\\:%3.3lf",
"COMMENT:                \\n",
"STACK:100PL#FF0000:75-100% ", 
"COMMENT:                \\n",
"AREA:wrongdata#000000:is down",
"COMMENT:                \\n",
"COMMENT:Graph Updated: $Time \\l", 
"COMMENT:ideea © Brandon Gant <BGant\@uillinois\.edu>\\l";

4. Let me know if u need any additional help, with the code or with
explanations of cdefs

Best regards,
 mrugan                            mailto:mrugan at softhome.net

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