[rrd-users] Re: RRD Tool multi-color layered graphic.

Laurent LEVIER llevier at argosnet.com
Sat Apr 24 11:56:38 MEST 2004

Hi Hugo,

Thanks for the example.

Digging in the mailing list, I found some things and succeded setting up a 
2 colors graphics as you demonstrate too.

However I still have troubles with more than 2 colors (where 2 values must 
be calculated & stacked).
I guess that is my lack of RPN knowledge that is my problem...

I use a different method than yours:

rrdtool graph NbCnx-1d.gif -a GIF \
         -h 200 -s -86400 -v "Number of Connections" \
         'DEF:cnxs=NbCnx.rrd:cnxs:AVERAGE' \
         'CDEF:Cnxs=cnxs,600,LE,cnxs,600,IF' \
         'CDEF:CnxsOrange=cnxs,600,LE,0,cnxs,600,-,IF' \
         'AREA:Cnxs#00FF00' \
         'STACK:CnxsOrange#FF9F00' \
         'GPRINT:cnxs:LAST:Last Number of Connections\: %2lf' \
         'GPRINT:cnxs:AVERAGE:Average Number of Connections\: %2lf'

Did you built some 3 colors graphics too?

>If anyone knowns a tool to convert from a more tradional format to this
>notation I would be greatfull as I always have trouble getting this RPN
>stuff right untill my Nth try (where: 10 < N < kazillion).
Yup, definitely agree, would help me too ;-)


Laurent LEVIER
Systems & Networks Security Expert, CISSP CISM

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