[rrd-users] [UPDATE] Still struggling with RRD & RPN. where's the pb, all looks good to me.

Laurent LEVIER llevier at argosnet.com
Mon Apr 26 20:20:58 MEST 2004


I found an error on one of my CDEF. The new is:
         'CDEF:input=cnxs,UN,0,cnxs,IF' \
         'CDEF:Cnxs=input,300,LE,input,300,IF' \
         'CDEF:CnxsOrange=input,600,GE,300,input,300,-,IF' \
         'CDEF:CnxsRed=input,600,GE,input,600,-,0,IF' \
         'AREA:Cnxs#00FF00' \
         'STACK:CnxsOrange#FF9F00' \
         'STACK:CnxsRed#FF0000' \

Drawing is fine except that UN values are set to -300. I understand why 
since input is not higher than 600 with it is equal to 0 (CDEF #1 says if 
value=UN, then value=0

My previous email was:
I still try to create my layered area, depending on the value.

I intend to have (G=Green, O=Orange, R=Red) as:

To build this, I defined the following:
         'CDEF:Cnxs=input,300,LE,input,300,IF' \
         'CDEF:CnxsOrange=input,600,GE,300,input,IF' \
         'AREA:Cnxs#00FF00' \
         'STACK:CnxsOrange#FF9F00' \

With this, I was expecting to have
a green layer for values between 0 & 300
A orange layer for values above 600
Partial orange layer for values between 300 & 600.

I dont understand why it fails. From my poor RPN understanding, the Orange 
CDEF is correct.

But I have on my drawings AREA with orange values above 600.
If I succeed doing this, I guess I could add a 3rd layer (Red) for values 
above 900.

Can someone help?



Laurent LEVIER
Systems & Networks Security Expert, CISSP CISM

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