[rrd-users] Re: help with cdef

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at ergens.op.het.net
Sun Aug 15 11:34:37 MEST 2004

On Sat, Aug 14, 2004 at 10:20:16AM -0700, winkey wrote:

> i cannot seem to figure this out, i get results i do not expect
> rrdtool graph \
>         /home/rush/public_html/weather/metar/dir.gif \
>         --color=BACK#FFFFCC \
>         --color=CANVAS#CCFFFF \
>         --title="Daily Wind Direction" \
>         --width=300 \
>         DEF:dir=/home/rush/public_html/weather/metar/weather.rrd:winddir:AVERAGE \
>         DEF:speed=/home/rush/public_html/weather/metar/weather.rrd:windspeed:AVERAGE \
>         CDEF:calm=speed,0,EQ \
>         CDEF:mydir=calm,UNKN,dir,IF \
>         LINE2:mydir#00a000:"Degrees"
> basicly if speed is zero i want an unknown value for direction but i
> seem to be ending up with unknowns for speeds greater than zero and
> other anomolys

EQ gives a boolean as result.  "calm=speed,0,EQ" results in:

if speed==0
   then return true
   else return false

Next you are using that boolean in an if-then-else:

if calm
   then return UNKN
   else return direction

The end result will be:

if (speed==0)
   then return unknown
   else return direction.

This matches what you expect.  If the result is not what you expect,
most likely the input is not what you think it is.


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