[rrd-users] Memory leak collecting COUNTER32 from Cisco devices

Simone Felici - Alpikom Spa s.felici at alpikom.it
Mon Aug 16 14:44:09 MEST 2004

Hello to all!

I know my question is a little off topic, but would like to know if someone
has the same problem collecting data from Cisco devices and store it into
rrdtool archives.

Let me explain.

I've a RH9 server (1GB DDR ECC RAM dual Xeon processors 2,4Ghz -
2.4.20-8smp) and every 5 minutes a script is running (cron) to collect 1300
dsl lines from a DSL router.
The script (bash) make a snmpwalk for all InOctets (1300) and store it into
one variable. The same for the OutOctets.
Then, the 2 variables are analyzed (awk, grep, sed...) and line per line the
values in and out stored into the rrd files (one line, one rrd file, this
because on the router day per day, new lines are added).

After 2 or 3 days all memory resources are used and the server crash...
Memory leak?

It seems at the end of the script the memory are NOT deallocated!

It isn't a rrdtool problem. I've tried to remove the rrdtoool command to
update the DB and the problem is the same.

A shell BUG?
Can someone help me?

Thank's in advice and sorry for the off topic question, I know, but haven't
idea how to solve this problem and where to search or ask :)



Simone Felici        E-Mail: s.felici at alpikom.it
Divisione Tecnica    info: 800 969 800
Alpikom S.p.A.       URL: http://www.alpikom.it

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