[rrd-users] change default font in images in rrdtool 1.0.49

nate rrdtool at aphroland.org
Tue Aug 17 03:48:57 MEST 2004

I have been using rrdtool 1.0.42 for  a while but there
are some things in 1.0.49 I wanted to check out. I see
that the default font has been modified and I was wondering
how hard it is to change it back:


the top image is generated using 1.0.48(I since changed to
1.0.49 due to bugs in the embedded variables as well as the
-X option), the bottom 2 are generated using 1.0.49. for some
reason the font on the bottom 2 really hurt my eyes, the text
is too close together.

the closest thing I could find was copying the files


from the older version to the newer one, since there is a note
in the changelog about the font changing to be more bold. however
after rebuilding rrdtool the font appears the same.

1.0.42 seems to work alright for me(I have about 90,000 lines
of rrdcgi templates in use with another ~50k lines comming
soon, about 250GB of rrd databases),  though I am interested
in using some of the newer features like --


I do hope at some point to release much of my work in the form
of a HOWTO, as I've done everything from the ground up, monitoring
about 4,000 points of data accross my network here. though my
schedule is so overflowing with stuff it may be a while.

thanks for any insights!


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