[rrd-users] how to get a step of 60

M. Possamai possamai at xs4all.nl
Thu Aug 19 10:30:20 MEST 2004


I'm trying to create an rrd with a step of 60 but for some reason rrdtool
will not let me use that value.
Sure it builds the rrd..
but the step is wrong..

I use this to create the rrd.
--------------- code ---------------
rrdtool create temp.rrd --step 60 \
DS:temp1:GAUGE:120:0:100 \
DS:temp2:GAUGE:120:0:100 \
RRA:MAX:0.5:1:120 \
RRA:MAX:0.5:15:96 \
RRA:MAX:0.5:60:168 \
--------------- code ---------------

Looks okay right?
No error is given.... but 'rrdtool fetch' tells me:

1092891600:  NaN  NaN
1092892500:  NaN  NaN
1092893400:  NaN  NaN
1092894300:  NaN  NaN
1092895200:  NaN  NaN
1092896100:  NaN  NaN
1092897000:  NaN  NaN
1092897900:  NaN  NaN
1092898800:  NaN  NaN
1092899700:  NaN  NaN
1092900600:  NaN  NaN
1092901500:  NaN  NaN
1092902400:  NaN  NaN
1092903300:  NaN  NaN
1092904200:  NaN  NaN

To me this looks like a step of 100.. I don't want 100, I want 60..
Why can't rrdtool give me a step of 60?
I have the crontab fill the rrd with them mainboard and cpu temp every minute..
but it's not really working this way :-(
Can somebody help me out here?
Thanx in advance

M. Possamai

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