[rrd-users] Update error

Riccardo Burhenne qbur at oce.nl
Wed Aug 25 09:30:52 MEST 2004

Hello all,

i'm having problems with updating my RRDs.
I get the following error:

Get_Backup_Data.pl: unable to update
/opt/iplanet/docs/fs3test/cgi-data/ms_wfps.rrd: conversion of '906932
' to float not complete: tail '

I just cannot trace the problem. Maybe you can help me.
I use the following code:

RRDs::create ($rrdname, "--start", $start, "--step", "86400",

# Error message if the database cannot be created
my $error = RRDs::error;
die "$0: unable to create $rrdname: $error\n" if $error;

sub get_data                         # Get the backup size, then update
  my ($backup, $rrdname) = @_;       # Get the parameters

  # Save the old paths before untainting this variable
  my $oldpath = $ENV{PATH};

  # Empty the path (untaint it)
  $ENV{PATH} = '';

  # Get the backup size by using the unix commands grep and tail to
  # find the backup entry we need. Then grab the size of the backup
out   # of this by using split command.
my @entries = split(/ /, `/usr/bin/grep $backup $file | /usr/bin/tail
# Restore the path
$ENV{PATH} = $oldpath;

my $update = $entries[-1];         # Grab the backup size
$update =~ s/\s*//;                # Remove any spaces
# Update the database by adding the last value into the database    
# Syntax: database name:time that the value is entered (N=now):value
RRDs::update ($rrdname, "N:$update");
# Error message if the database cannot be updated
my $error = RRDs::error;
die "$0: unable to update $rrdname: $error\n" if $error;

Riccardo Burhenne

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