[rrd-users] Re: rrdtool create

Georges Toth georges at norm.lu
Thu Dec 9 13:30:37 MET 2004

> No, it's not.
> <....>
> This happened in 300 seconds, so thats about 61,500,000,000,000,000
> per second.  You programmed your RRA to behave like this.

thnx for the explanation

> Would you have set a sane maximum rate, as instructed by the documentation,
> this rate would have been ignored and you'd have ended up with unknown
> data.  Since you really don't know the rate before and after the reset,
> that's not unreasonable.

hmm i understand.
the problem is i don't know the maximum.
but i guess i could set one which is far too high but still below what rrdtool 
calculated.... :-)

> Only if you're willing to ignore "This way you have the most accurate
> results".

what is so different from counter and derive then ?

> "rrdtool tune" can be used to alter the data source type and to change
> the minimum allowed rate.

i tried rrdtool tune to change the dst to derive. a minimum was already set.
if i graph a month view, i only see the end of the month, with those far too 
high numbers.
so i guess the changed dst will only make a difference by the next end of the 
month, when those too high values won't be added to the db but instead, 
"unknown". is that right?

if so, is it possible to change those some values around last endofmonth, to 
unknown ?


Georges Toth

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