[rrd-users] Re: rrdtool create

Georges Toth georges at norm.lu
Thu Dec 9 14:22:41 MET 2004

> If you use the DERIVE_with_minimum_rate_zero method, you are telling
> RRDtool to ignore the updates around the reset. This results in a loss
> of information (a couple of updates will result in unknown data).

i see

> If you use the tripple_update method, you are telling RRDtool what the
> rate was just before the reset, and when the reset happened.  This way,
> RRDtool has no unknown data hence it has more reliable data.  You will
> still loose some information, but this loss is limited as it is only
> the amount of data between the last update and the reset.  This is one
> second, if you follow my suggestion.

i understand that that is the best mehod. but it is not so elegant to 
i mean i would have to make some more cronjobs, and only for the end of the 

> I think you are looking at data that's already in the RRD.  Changing
> the DS_type will only influence data that is collected after this change.

oh ok :-)
well i was looking at already existing data..

> Option 1:
>  - dump the database (rrdtool dump)
>  - edit the xml file
>  - restore the database (rrdtool restore)
> This modifies the available data.

i tried that, but somehow it didn't work as expected.
anyway, i can't do that because i have around 300 rrds :-).

> Option 2:
>  - read the tutorial
>  - implement the "pretend weird data isn't there" workaround
> This modifies the representation of the available data.

that did it!
awesome, my graphs look just as i expect them to look like :-).
thank you very much for your help Alex!!!


Georges Toth

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