[rrd-users] How to display to time ranges within the same graphic ?

Christian Volkmann CVolkmann at orga-systems.com
Thu Feb 12 14:44:32 MET 2004

Hi to all,

I hope I do not blow up the list with question ;-)

I have several rrd-databases from different time ranges.

E.g one database with the traffic data of the 24.12  0:00 - 24:00
     one database with the traffic data of the 25.12  0:00 - 24:00

I like to use a single "rrdtool graph" command to have 2 lines
from 0:00 - 24:00 in the same graphic.

My current ideas to solve are not successful:

rrdtool graph -s <date> -e <date>

=> does not work. Different start dates
=> CDEF-redefinition of one graph:
    a.) I do not know how to do
    b.) expect trouble with : -s <...> -e <...>

Right now I did with some shell scripts:
- for all data-sources: "recalculate date" to 31.1.1990 ( just chosen randomly)
- feed a second database
- traffic "a" 24.12 =>  put as "a" to database as traffic of 31.1.1990
- traffic "b" 25.12 =>  put as "b" to database as traffic of 31.1.1990
=> view graph "a" and "b" of 31.1.1990

I can imagine to do a solution like below. But how is the right syntax:

rrdtool graph --range "24*60*60" ... -s 0:00 -e 24:00  \
  DEF:a=/tmp/rrd-temp/stat.20031224.rrd:a:AVERAGE \
  DEF:b=/tmp/rrd-temp/stat.20031224.rrd:b:AVERAGE \
  CDEF:atime=a,TIME,<24.12.2003>,- \
  CDEF:btime=b,TIME,<25.12.2003>,- \
  LINE1:atime#010000:"line 24.12.2003" \
  LINE1:btime#F0F000:"line 25.12.2003"

Is there any way to do something like the "idea" above ?

Best regards,


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