[rrd-users] Wanting an error instead of an "empty" graph

Sandor W. Sklar ssklar at stanford.edu
Fri Feb 20 06:56:19 MET 2004

Hi, all ...
I have an CGI script that allows a client to select a time span (like 
"last day", "last week", etc.), and then generates a graph from an RRD 
for that span.

I've noticed that if the RRD does not contain any data for the span 
requested, a graph will still be generated, but with no data (of 

I'm wondering if it is somehow possible to have RRDs::graph NOT create 
a graph, but instead, set RRDs::error with something like "no data 
available for the span requested."

I could do an RRDs::last on each RRD and check to see if it falls 
within the span, but I'd rather not have to do the extra operation if I 
can avoid it.


Sandor Wade Sklar
Unix Systems Administrator
Stanford University ITSS-TSS
Non impediti ratione cogitationis.

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