[rrd-users] Re: help a newbie pls

Ionescu Ionut Ionut.Ionescu at romtelecom.ro
Mon Feb 23 16:14:46 MET 2004

I apologize....
It seems that my problem is not the use of graph feature from rrd tool.
So.... i'm gonna put here all the steps i took since i started using mrtg &
rrd tool

0. use Win2k
1. download & install perl (ActivePerl-
2. download mrtg (mrtg-2.10.13.zip)
3. use cfgmaker to make a config file
4. use mrtg to graph traffic

--- until now everything works perfectly ---

5. download rrdtool (rrdtool-1.0.40.x86distr.zip-5.8.zip)
6. go to 'perl-shared' folder of rrdtool and run the following: ppm install
7. go to my config file and add:
- workdir: c:\rrdtool\rrds // 'rrds' folder created by me
- pathadd: c:\rrdtool\bin // the 'bin' folder did not exist (as the guide i
was reading said it would) so i created it and copied here the .exe's from
'src' folder
- libadd: c:\rrdtool\perl-shared
- logformat: rrdtool
8. run mrtg again with the updated config file

--- now, the fun part ---

9. at this point, the following happens:
 - the graph and html generation stops (that's normal)
 - .rdd files are created for every target i monitor in my 'rrds' folder
(about 100KB each; did not modify them in any way)
 - however, they don't seem to update... (when I run 'rrdtool info' for any
one of my rrd's, the 'last_update field' doesn't change its value, even
though i ran info several times - 5 to 10 minutes apart)
 - so, it's only logical to have errors when i try to graph something out of
nothing (?)

This is my current status.... i don't know what else to do, as most docs and
info are for unix users.... :(


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> On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 03:10:25PM +0100, Martin Horak wrote:
> > My simplest command:
> >
> > rrdtool graph test.png -s now-10h -e now
> > DEF:a='/var/www/data/rrd/routersce0.rrd':s1in:AVERAGE LINE1:a#ff0000
> I can beat that :)
> I'm not entirely sure about the short form of the colour.
> Path to png and to rrd can be changed as needed.
> Multiply the DEF and LINE statements for ds1 if desired
> rrdtool graph test.png DEF:i=routersce0.rrd:ds0:AVERAGE LINE1:i#f00
> cheers,
> Alex
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