[rrd-users] GPRINT'd MAX less than max in graphed line

Dave Lugo dlugo at etherboy.com
Fri Jan 2 19:47:38 MET 2004


I've been working on getting rrdtool setup for some mailserver monitoring 
over the last week, and have worked through most of my self-induced 
problems.  This one however, has me stumped.

graph can be seen here:


I'm using the following RRDCGI directives:

(please pardon the linewraps if they appear)

  DEF:linee=<RRD::CV::QUOTE CLUSTER>/in_cluster_connects.rrd:total_connections:AVERAGE 
  "CDEF:lineepm=linee,60,*" LINE1:lineepm#010101:"Total non-shed connects  "

I'm at a total loss to understand why the max peak in the graph, which 
seems to be about 210, is not reflected in the GPRINT'd MAX output, which
shows it at 169.4.

I probably did something st00pid - can someone please educate me?

Best regards,


Dave Lugo   dlugo at etherboy.com    LC Unit #260   TINLC
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