[rrd-users] thousand of .rrd's, how ?

raptor raptor at tvskat.net
Thu Jan 8 09:12:38 MET 2004


first the easy question. How can I make ala mrtg CURRENT, MAX and AVERAGE legend when generating
with rrdgraph? This should be with CDEF, isnt it ?
Can u give me example...

Now the second one.. I have thousand of .rrd's under thousand of dirs.. Now what I want to do is
walk over all these  rrd's and based on some condition group them (fetch the values) and then
combine all these in one stacked graphic with one area for every group..
This is imposible with rrdtool alone, isnt it ? I need to have some script which will walk and extract the data..
The other thing is that I dont want this to happen every 5 min but just on my request... so fetching will be 
a little bit harder...
Could u advise me how to do this, some exaples (even in pseudo code)...
I will be using perl..

On the other hand it will be probably better to not build graphic but another .rrd instead, but then I have to 
do it every 5 min.. Is there a way to make non-5min fetch-make-rrd easier..
('cause in this case I will have to look from what time i dont have data in my combined .rrd and start fetching
from other .rds from that time onward ..etc..etc...)


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