[rrd-users] GPRINT problem

fixitdave at blueyonder.co.uk fixitdave at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Jan 9 12:44:57 MET 2004

I'm trying to print a CDEF value underneath the graph but I'm unable to display the value...
A colleague uses an old version of cacti to display his graphs and this uses the following format to display the CDEF...
GPRINT:cdefc:AVERAGE:"Percentage of response times within SLA (100 ms)\: %8.2lf %s\n"
...this works fine, but when I try to create my own graphs from the RRD using the above syntax the values are not displayed (see attached png)
Yes I know about smoke ping, but we are in a Windows environment.
Yes I've read the RRDTool graph man pages, but I can't find anywhere in the [G]PRINT section why the numbers are in the syntax.
I've also tried the example on the web page...
...but that displays...
Percentage of response times within SLA (100 ms): s
Any help is appreciative
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