[rrd-users] simple graphing

Dave Stern - Former Rocket Scientist dave at umiacs.umd.edu
Tue Jan 13 20:09:12 MET 2004

I'm exceedingly new to RRDtool and am trying to find the simplest way to
graph data from an existing file of the format
MMM DD HH:MIN  datapoint
Jan  1 12:00   123
Jan  1 12:15    80
Jan  1 12:30   257

I initialized the database using

rrdtool create test.rrd --start N DS:in:GAUGE:900:U:U RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:432

To insert the data,  I would like to ideally do something like
    rrdtool update test.rrd `cat /tmp/data.2`
but that cleayly wont work even if I massage the data to look like

For that matter,making a script that says
rrdtool update test.rrd U:123
rrdtool update test.rrd U:80
rrdtool update test.rrd U:257
 wont do it

Clearly the problem is my time format. Is there some way to tell rrdtool to
just take the timestamp as is without calculating seconds from an epoch?


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