[rrd-users] Re: R: Re: Add output from different interfaces into one DS

Serge Maandag serge.maandag at staff.zeelandnet.nl
Wed Jan 14 10:43:20 MET 2004

I seem to recall that rrdtool uses 64 bit storage space, but I can't
tell you for sure.
A quick look at the source code should suffice.

As for the adding of large numbers:

If your script can't handle the size, you can always do the addition
"12345678" + "234243545" can be easily calculated, add last digits, hold
1 if more than 10,
add number to result string.... reverse result string. 

If rrdtool can't handle it you can use several tricks. How about storing
the square root of the number.
You can then use a CDEF at graph time to multiply the value with itself.
That is, unless the cdef number size
is as "small" as the storage space number size :)

So, a bit of source reading and trial and error should do it, I guess..


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From: Simone Felici - Alpikom Spa [mailto:s.felici at alpikom.it] 
Subject: [rrd-users] R: Re: Add output from different interfaces into
one DS

Via SNMP I get 150 values -incoming traffic- of 150 interfaces (the same
the outgoing traffic) and I would create only ONE RRD-File with only TWO
containing each the SUM of the incoming and outgoing traffic. I need to
create a graph showing me the TOTAL traffic of all lines.


Can I collect the informations into one DS type COUNTER?
But if I sum all values I've taken via SNMP the result is higher than
32bit COUNTER and also how will interpret RRD-Tool the input?

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