[rrd-users] Re: fetching MAX values for a timeslice

Serge Maandag serge.maandag at staff.zeelandnet.nl
Fri Jan 16 22:39:41 MET 2004

> I'm making a report to see the 1 week and 1 month maximums on 
> about 128 different links in my network. I know that I can just do the

> rrdtool fetch command to get the MAX value for each of these 
> circuits during the last week and month

rrdtool fetch mydatabase.rrd MAX -s -1w
rrdtool fetch mydatabase.rrd MAX -s -1m 

You need to have MAX RRA's in your database, though..

> problem is I'm 
> completely lost as to how to make sure I'm selecting the 
> correct RRA, 

Well, it depends on the number of rows in your RRA. Standard rrd
databases created 
by mrtg have (IIRC) something like 2 weeks of 30 minute samples and 2
months of 1 hour
Samples in it's RRA's. so the commands above will safely get you your
data in the highest 
resolution available.

> and then from there how when I'm in that RRA how 
> I can get the last entry in it for it's values.

The output from a fetch command looks something like this:

                      ds0           ds1
1074202200: 1.1342348909e+07 4.5883529481e+06
1074204000: 9.8949618797e+06 4.0040870522e+06

So to print the highest value, it's a matter of sorting your data on the
column of your desire, 
taking only the bottom row and printing only the column you are
interested in.

column=2;rrdtool fetch mydatabase.rrd MAX -s -1w | sort -gk$column |
tail -1 | cut -d" " -f$column


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