[rrd-users] Re: Problem with compiling rrdtool on Sparc-Solaris 8

Jeremy Gomez jez_gom at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 28 13:29:25 MET 2004

Hello all,
I encountered numerous problems attempting to install Orca (http://www.orcaware.com/orca) on our Sun box, all of which were pinpointed to the failure to install rrdtools.
The way I eventually resolved the issue required the following:
- Installation of gcc (available from www.sunfreeware.com). At the time of writing, the latest package is gcc3.3.2. I chose gcc_small-3.3.2-sol8-sparc-local.gz
- Installation of the latest Perl package (latest version on Sunfreeware at time of writing 5.8.0). Blair, Orca's authour, recommends using the ActiveState Perl binary.
Next, I ensured that /usr/local/bin appeared before /usr/bin in $PATH and that the path to "make" was also included:
Since gcc and Perl both install to /usr/local/bin, this warrants that the correct versions get chosen upon running configure. 
Seeing as the C compiler included with Solaris (located at /usr/ucb/cc) does not actually compile anything, you will need to alias this to gcc:
Case is important. I found setting CC=gcc did not work.
The problem with gcc not recognising the "-KPIC" swicth was resolved by amending the "Makefile" within "perl-shared":
search for the line 
and change it to
Now continuing with the make of rrdtools should succeed. Good luck!
Jeremy Gomez

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