[rrd-users] RRDTOOL - SNMP & System Resources

Simone Felici - Alpikom Spa s.felici at alpikom.it
Mon Jun 7 09:25:53 MEST 2004

Hi to all!

I've al little problem with my server, rrdtool and maybe snmp.

My server is collecting informations and updating more or less 1250 rrd
Most of these files are collecting traffic informations on routers via SNMP
and my custom scripts.
These scripts simply checks the uptime of the device and then get the
COUNTER32 values to update the rrd files.

My problem is that my system crash one time every week. I also have infos
about the memory utilization and about the CPULOAD (graph too!) and I can
see, a half day befor the crash, the CPULOAD increase much within 6-12 hours
and then no response from the server.
Only the ping works, everything else is not responding, like the server has
a big amount of resources used.
No way to use the console to check... No infos into logs, the server doesn't
log after crash.
What about the memory... The server has 512MB DDR ECC RAM, after reboot, the
free memory costantly decrase and after a day only 8MB RAM are free.... This
free mem will stay allocated somewhere.

At the same time the swap is growing until 40MB... When it reach 40MB, a
week is passed and my server crashs again.

Dual process Intel Xeon 2,4Ghz
RedHat 9.0

I know this mailinglist is to write about rrdtool and not snmp, but maybe
the two things are correlated.
I would only know if someone has a similar problem and an idea on how to
solve it (1 week uptime is not much) or where to search/work.
Increase RAM?

Thank's in advice and sorry for my terrible english ;)



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Alpikom S.p.A.       URL: http://www.alpikom.it

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