[rrd-users] R: Re: RRDTOOL - SNMP & System Resources

Simone Felici - Alpikom Spa s.felici at alpikom.it
Mon Jun 7 12:20:41 MEST 2004


Thank's for your answer!

> Perhaps processes run from your crontab are hanging and can't finish.
> try to mail the process-list to yourself every x minutes or so and 
> check if you see processes that won't end. (The PID uniquely
> identifies a process)
> in crontab:
> */15 * * * ps uaxww | mail -s "process list" s.felici\@alpikom.it
> Serge.
> -------------
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> toepassing: http://www.zeelandnet.nl/disclaimer.php

There are all snmpget checks... Maybe should find a way to stop the script
if not finished within 5 minutes.... How?
Maybe it hangs and the cron continue to execute other scripts, until all
resources are used.


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