[rrd-users] RRA explanation

Alan Craig alanc at beastie.co.za
Mon Jun 7 21:22:05 MEST 2004

Howdy all,
I've been looking at examples of graphs done by various users in order to
learn how to produce my own bandwidth graphs.
One thing that has me really confused is the RRA function. Does somebody
have a really good explanation on how this works to produce some good graphs
or a link?
For example if I'm polling my router at 5min intervals and I would like to
produce graphs showing:
Detail in a 5min, 1hr, 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, 1 Year.
I understand that the RRA function is what gives you your "zoom" factor to
the data you are pulling? Well me thinks at any rate.
This is what I'm using at the moment ( example is @ http://dev.mexcom.co.za
rrdtool create test.rrd --start N                 \
DS:input:COUNTER:600:0:1024000         \
DS:output:COUNTER:600:0:1024000       \
rrdtool graph /rrd-images/rrdtest.png -a PNG                         \
-t "Daily Bandwidth Usage"                                                 \
-v "kbits/sec"
-x MINUTE:15:HOUR:2:HOUR:2:0:%H                                 \
-y 128000:2
-X 3
-u 1024000
-l 0
DEF:inoctets=/usr/local/rrd/test.rrd:input:AVERAGE           \
DEF:outoctets=/usr/local/rrd/test.rrd:output:AVERAGE       \
CDEF:in_bits=inoctets,8,* CDEF:out_bits=outoctets,8,*      \
CDEF:bv1=in_bits,out_bits,GT,in_bits,UNKN,IF                  \
CDEF:bv2=in_bits,out_bits,GT,UNKN,in_bits,IF                 \
HRULE:819200#FF0000:"80% at 819.2 kbps"                   \
AREA:bv1#00CC00:"Input"                                              \
AREA:out_bits#0000FF:"Output"                                     \
AREA:bv2#00CC00                                                         \
Basically here I have my X-Axis marked in 2hr intervals on the master grid
with 15min intervals on the base grid........but it looks scrunched
up.........so how do I "zoom" in on this to get a better look?
I basically want to see the data from my counters in more/less detail as
I've said above.
Can anyone help me clarify my serious lack of understanding on the RRA?
gr8ly appreciated

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