[rrd-users] rrdcgi RRD::TIME::LAST problem

Daniel Breest eljay at gmx.de
Fri Jun 25 14:47:59 MEST 2004

Hi list,

i actually don`t know, if i do something wrong or if it is bug in 
rrdcgi. I would like to generate graphs out of a rrd file using the 
last_update timestamp as the --end argument. I have written the 
following rrdcgi script:

          <H1>RRDCGI Example Page</H1>
          <P> last update: <RRD::TIME::LAST some.rrd %s> </P>
         <P><RRD::GRAPH bps.gif --lazy --start end-6h --end 
<RRD::TIME::LAST some.rrd %s> --title="Bitrate" 
DEF:mybps=some.rrd:bps:AVERAGE CDEF:bitps=mybps,8,*,1000000,/

When the script is executed, i get the following result:

RRDCGI Example Page

last update: 992152799

[ERROR: end time: unparsable time: <992152799]

That is, the last_update timestamp from some.rrd is inserted correctly 
the first time. The substitution within the RRD::GRAPH tag seems to work 
so far, but the timestamp starts with a "<" leading to the "unparsable 
time" error.

What am I doing wrong?

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