[rrd-users] Graphing to STDOUTusing PERL on Win32 with IIS

Mike_Bragg at teamhealth.com Mike_Bragg at teamhealth.com
Fri Mar 5 20:35:11 MET 2004


I'm trying to create a PERL script utilizing RRDs:graph that dynamically
generates pictures without creating temporary files.
My setup is:
Win2k server
ActiveState PERL v5.6.1 build 635
RRDs shared PERL module.

I verified that using PERL as a cgi script works on the web server.  Here's
the PERL script I'm trying to run:
use RRDs;

print "Content-type: image/png\n\n";


RRDs::graph ("-",
            "--vertical-label=bits per second",
            "AREA:inb#00C000:In traffic",
            "LINE1:out#0000FF:Out traffic"
if ($ERROR = RRDs::error) {
      die "$0: unable to graph `$rrd': $ERROR\n";

  If I manually run the PERL script from a DOS window with the filename
specified as "-", the data is not sent to STDOUT.  All that is displayed is
the "Content-type: image/png" line.   If I use a filename such as
"temp.png" in place of the "-", the PNG file is generated.  When I go to
the URL for the PERL script with a browser, the browser just runs and runs
without stopping or giving an error.

Any help or examples will be greatly appreciated.


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