[rrd-users] MRTG & CPU usage above 100

O'Neill, Donald (US - Deerfield) dooneill at deloitte.com
Fri Mar 12 17:02:23 MET 2004

I have MRTG polling 13 dual/qaud processor servers running Red Hat AS
2.1. Each mrtg.config is exactly the same for each server but one DL380
is reporting CPU usage above 100% (161%) to be exact. Each server is
using the same ucd-snmp & hp-agents.. Anyone experience this ? My config
file looks like this.. 


Target[cpu-dt3dfvmware2]:ssCpuRawUser.0&ssCpuRawUser.0:public at dt3dfvmwar
e2 + ssCpuRawSystem.0&ssCpuRawSystem.0:publicdt3dfvmware2 +
ssCpuRawNice.0&ssCpuRawNice.0:public at dt3dfvmware2

Options[cpu-dt3dfvmware2]: nopercent,growright

Title[cpu-dt3dfvmware2]: CPU Utilization

PageTop[cpu-dt3dfvmware2]: <center> <h1>CPU

MaxBytes[cpu-dt3dfvmware2]: 100

ShortLegend[cpu-dt3dfvmware2]: %

Unscaled[cpu-dt3dfvmware2]: y

Legend1[cpu-dt3dfvmware2]: Active CPU in % (Load)




LegendI[cpu-dt3dfvmware2]: Active


YLegend[cpu-dt3dfvmware2]: CPU Utilization

RouterUptime[cpu-dt3dfvmware2]: public at dt3dfvmware2

Colours[cpu-dt3dfvmware2]: Orange#FF8000,Orange#ff8000,DARK

Background[cpu-dt3dfvmware2]: #ffff99


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