[rrd-users] RRDZoom - Customizable Time Frame Graphing

DANIEL MAGNUSZEWSKI dmagnuszewski at mandtbank.com
Mon Mar 15 23:06:32 MET 2004

I posted this in the MRTG list as well, but I figured that it could be of use to those in this list (who are not in the MRTG list) as well.

I have completed a script that will allow for users to "zoom" in and out of a chosen RRD. Hence it's name "RRDZoom". This cgi script reads a directory and gives a pop up box of rrds to select. It then takes in Year, Month, Day, Hour, and Minute (Month, Day, and Hour MUST be two digits. The Year is four digits) for both the starting time and the ending time, and graphs the data from the RRD - in the time range you selected. There is also the option of selecting a "timeframe" in which it will return the data. By default the time frames are the past 1 hour, 2 hours, and 8 hours. The time frame take precedence over the inputted data in the "Customizable Time Frame". 

What you need for this to work:

RRDTool and RRDs:
Check line 28 to make sure the address to your RRDTool Perl lib directory is correct

'Time-Local-Extended-0.41' which can be found at the link below:

You will also need to manually change the $rrdPath variable in line 42 to the directory of your RRDs.
Line 162 needs to be changed to a folder viewable on your webserver to hold the images.
Line 190 needs to be changed to the address where your images folder will be:

I've attached the script. If anyone would like to see a screen shot, then send me a message and I'll send one to you. Hopefully I'll get a website up soon. Also, this is a rough draft, and if there's a real want or need for further modifications/improvements, I'll be happy to hear what you have to say. 

I Hope this is of some use!

Daniel Magnuszewski
M & T Bank
dmagnuszewski at mandtbank.com

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