[rrd-users] Newbie Help - Problems with Data accuracy -

Tony Mazzei tmazzei at algorithmics.com
Wed Nov 3 18:56:07 MET 2004

My apologies if this email is going to the wrong user group.

I have just started using RRD over the past few weeks and have gone over
most of the documents. 

I am finding a discrepancy with the numbers I am entering vs. what I am
getting out. Here is some input to what I am trying to do and where my
problem is.

Goal - Plot on a graph the total number of bugs reported daily and the
current number of bugs in each category.

Therefore I am only have one entry daily (this may change in the future but
for now once a day is fine)

The RRD create is as follows

rrdtool create NewDailyALL_CRS.rrd --start 1097726400 --step 86400 \
DS:ALL_close:GAUGE:172800:U:U \
DS:ALL_return:GAUGE:172800:U:U \
DS:ALL_deliver:GAUGE:172800:U:U \
DS:ALL_develop:GAUGE:172800:U:U \
DS:ALL_Sub:GAUGE:172800:U:U \
DS:ALL_Test:GAUGE:172800:U:U \
DS:ALL_verify:GAUGE:172800:U:U \
DS:ALL_Today:DERIVE:172800:0:9999 \

I then run an update that will look like this

rrdtool update NewDailyALL_CRS.rrd 1099285200:101:300:5:271:141:118:269:1205
(Nov 1 2004)

When I try and graph it I don't see the above numbers, so I dump the db and
I see a line like this 

<!-- 2004-11-01 19:00:00 EST / 1099353600 --> <row><v> 1.0020833333e+02
</v><v> 3.0237500000e+02 </v><v> 1.
2125000000e+01 </v><v> 2.7337500000e+02 </v><v> 1.4575000000e+02 </v><v>
1.2116666667e+02 </v><v> 2.7137500000e+02 </v>
<v> 1.2263750000e+03 </v><v> 2.5665509259e-04 </v></row>

I'm not sure where it's getting it's time from I usually supply a time of
00:00:00 as I only need one entry a day.

My Second problem that I am having is for some reason I am not getting any
data produced on the graph for November 2 and 3.  I am guessing this is due
to the incorrect date during the inputting but I believe I have the correct
date and time. 

Once again here is the update I have  dumped out the db

    <version> 0001 </version>
    <step> 86400 </step> <!-- Seconds -->
    <lastupdate> 1099458000 </lastupdate> <!-- 2004-11-03 00:00:00 EST -->

        <name> ALL_close </name>
        <type> GAUGE </type>
        <minimal_heartbeat> 172800 </minimal_heartbeat>
        <min> NaN </min>
        <max> NaN </max>

        <!-- PDP Status -->
        <last_ds> UNKN </last_ds>
        <value> 1.8360000000e+06 </value>
        <unknown_sec> 0 </unknown_sec>

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. 



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