[rrd-users] Re: RRD NaN Problem / Zero Values

Synox admin at synox.net
Tue Nov 16 18:18:22 MET 2004

Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:

>>The RRD is set to:
>>create c.rrd --step 10 --start 1068908953 DS:unknown:GAUGE:120:0:U 
>>RRA:AVERAGE:0.99999:30:400 RRA:AVERAGE:0.99999:180:400 
>>RRA:AVERAGE:0.99999:720:400 RRA:AVERAGE:0.99999:8640:800
>>(I'm using 0.99999 because I thought I will get less NaN's. )
>Don't.  You need to work on the entry part, not on the intermediate
>part of rrdtool.  In stead of masking all those NaNs, get rid of them.
So whats the best way to make my database?
Can you give an example for what I want to do?

> RRDtool will use a single update to fill more than one step interval.
>Set "step" to 10, "heartbeat" to 87000 and you can update once a day
>filling 8640 steps with just one update.
>You don't want to do this; you want to update more often. You want to
>update rrdtool every couple of seconds, using the rate of zero if there's
>no data in the logfile.
I'm not sure I understood right.
e.g. my logfile has to following entries:
can I do this with 5 Updates (and get a correct graph)? How?
Will this solve to problem above?

Thanks a lot



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