[rrd-users] how to know why RRDs::update die

Mauro mauog at interfree.it
Thu Nov 18 11:33:53 MET 2004

Hi all,
I've a problem debugging my perl script because I don't know why
RRDs::update function die.
I'm updating an archive and the first I'm able to do this but the second
time function "die".
If I try to do the same operaion with the same data "by hand" using:
rrdtool update line command I'm able to update archive.
How can I find out where the problem is?

1st loop:
print $rrd." ".$time_interval." ".$values[1]." ".$values[2]."\n";
/home/mgatt/rrd/STORAGE_usage_cx700_OPTIX.rrd 1100646000 0.0 0.0 (ok)
RRDs::update ($rrd, "--template=wb:wio",

"$time_interval:$values[1]:$values[2]" ) or die ;

2nd loop:
/home/mgatt/rrd/STORAGE_usage_cx700_OPTIX.rrd 1100646600 0.14474616226287773
8.32239738518056 (die)
rrdtool update home/mgatt/rrd/STORAGE_usage_cx700_OPTIX.rrd
1100646600:0.14474616226287773:8.32239738518056 (ok)

 rrdtool fetch STORAGE_usage_cx700_OPTIX.rrd AVERAGE -s 1100640000
                             wb                  wio

1100640000: nan nan
1100640600: nan nan
1100641200: nan nan
1100641800: nan nan
1100642400: nan nan
1100643000: nan nan
1100643600: nan nan
1100644200: nan nan
1100644800: nan nan
1100645400: nan nan
1100646000: nan nan
1100646600: nan nan
1100647200: nan nan
1100647800: nan nan
1100648400: nan nan
1100649000: nan nan
1100649600: nan nan
1100650200: nan nan
1100650800: nan nan
1100651400: nan nan
1100652000: nan nan
1100652600: nan nan
1100653200: nan nan
1100653800: nan nan
1100654400: nan nan
1100655000: nan nan
1100655600: nan nan
1100656200: nan nan

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