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Saravanan Suthanthiram Saravanan_Suthanthiram at nemmco.com.au
Mon Nov 22 05:57:19 MET 2004

I have recreated RRD database from COUNTER to DERIVE as 
DS:ds1:DERIVE:600:0:U. Still there is a sudden increase in the graph. 
I will briefly explain the scenario. We used to reboot the server every 
couple of weeks and the value starts from 0 to 10000 (say for example) and 
after reboot it will again starts from 0. In this case after the reboot 
there is a sudden increase in the graph. 

SNO     DATETIME                VALUE

43142   10-nov-2004 14:57       1665197
43147   10-nov-2004 15:06       669
43148   10-nov-2004 15:07       681
43149    10-nov-2004 15:09      691

There is no problem if we lose couple of values after reboot but it 
shouldn't use the previous value to compare and plot it in the graph. From 
the above table for 44147 (SNO) it 
shouldn't use the 43142 (SNO) value to plot in the graph. Please let me 


"Sunil Modi \(IT\)" <smodi at bordersgroupinc.com> 
17/11/2004 22:58

"Saravanan Suthanthiram" <Saravanan_Suthanthiram at nemmco.com.au>, 
<rrd-users at list.ee.ethz.ch>

RE: [rrd-users] RRD Graph

> I am using RRD tool to monitor CPU usage by Oracle database. My data 
> source definition is DS:ds1:COUNTER:600:U:U. There is no 
> problem with the 
> graph if there is no negative value but if there is any 
> negative value 
> then I can see a sudden increase in the graph. How to avoid 
> this in the 
> graph whether I have to set any min or max in the data source 
> or any other 
> changes. Please let me know.

I believe what you want to use to track negative differences in values is 
>From what I understand, DERIVE works just like COUNTER but allows for 
negative gains as well as negative values.  The RRD Man pages have the 
information.  Hope that helps.


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